Dot Law – A Prestigious TLD for the Legal Industry

We live in a world governed by laws. They provide guidelines and help to prevent chaos. Of course, having laws creates a need for people to help us interpret them, understand our rights under them, and advocate and guide us when problems with the law affect our lives.

With well over a million lawyers in the U.S. alone and thousands of new lawsuits being filed every day, the legal industry is vast. It’s no wonder that private professionals and businesses within the industry face fierce competition when it comes to securing a good domain name for their website. Fortunately, that is about to change.

Welcome the new .LAW Domain

The prestigious new .LAW TLD will be a perfect fit for lawyers and law firms as well as organizations, businesses, publications, and websites affiliated with the legal industry. Following are just a few ideal candidates for .LAW:

  • Private practice lawyers
  • Law firms
  • Law school guides
  • Legal forums
  • Publications related to the practice of law
  • Legal aid organizations and websites
  • Attorney referral services
  • Legal form publishers
  • Legal guides

Benefits of using a .LAW TLD Domain

Considering the saturation of .COM, one of the greatest benefits of switching to a .LAW TLD is the opportunity to create a short, easy-to-remember domain name. Premium domain names are great for branding and marketing. People in your target market will have an easier time finding you when they search online. When they see a .LAW URL they’ll be more inclined to click on it. This will give you an edge over your competitors who continue to use .COM and other more traditional TLDs.

If you’re a lawyer practicing under your own name, a .LAW TLD will instantly convey that to your target market. is much more descriptive and powerful than The latter gives people no information at all.

Another potential benefit of using an industry-specific TLD domain like .LAW is higher rankings in the search engines. This can be a significant boost to your business because more traffic means more clients.

Start planning now to secure a .LAW TLD domain – it will be a great asset for your legal business.